Mutation Testing Author

Name: Silvia Regina Vergilio
Affiliation: UFPR
1Rui Angelo Matnei Filho and Silvia Regina Vergilio
A multi-objective test data generation approach for mutation testing of feature models
J. Software Eng. R{\&}D, 4(), 2016.
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2Rui Angelo Matnei Filho and Silvia Regina Vergilio
A Mutation and Multi-objective Test Data Generation Approach for Feature Testing of Software Product Lines
29th Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, {SBES} 2015, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, September 21-26, 2015, 2015.
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3Inali Wisniewski Soares and Silvia Regina Vergilio
Mutation Analysis and Constraint-Based Criteria: Results from an Empirical Evaluation in the Context of Software Testing
Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications, 20(4), August 2004.
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