Mutation Testing Author

Name: Hong Zhu
Affiliation: Oxford Brookes University
1Lijun Shan and Hong Zhu
Generating Structurally Complex Test Cases By Data Mutation: A Case Study Of Testing An Automated Modelling Tool
The Computer Journal, (), June 2007.
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2Lijun Shan and Hong Zhu
Testing Software Modelling Tools Using Data Mutation
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Automation of Software Test (AST'06)Shanghai, China, 20-28 May 2006.
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3Hong Zhu and Patrick A. V. Hall and John H. R. May and T. Cockram
Injecting Faults into Environment Simulators for Testing Safety Critical Software
Proceedings of the 1st European Dependable Computing Conference on Dependable Computing (EDCC'94), 1994.
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