Mutation Testing Author

Name: T. Y. Chen
Affiliation: Swinburne University of Technology
1Chang-ai Sun and Yunwei Dong and Richard Lai and K. Y. Sim and T. Y. Chen
Analyzing and Extending MUMCUT for Fault-based Testing of General Boolean Expressions
Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information TechnologySeoul, Korea, 20-22 September 2006.
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2T. Y. Chen and T. H. Tse and Zhiquan Zhou
Fault-based Testing Without the Need of Oracles
Information and Software Technology, 45(1), January 2003.
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3T. Y. Chen and T. H. Tse and Zhiquan Zhou
Fault-Based Testing in the Absence of an Oracle
Proceedings of the 25th International Computer Software and Applications Conference on Invigorating Software Development (COMPSAC'01)Chicago, Illinois, 08-12 October 2001.
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