Mutation Testing Author

Name: Pascale Thevenod-Fosse
Affiliation: CIFRE
1P. Chevalley and Pascale Th\'evenod-Fosse
A Mutation Analysis Tool for Java Programs
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 5(1), November 2002.
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2Murial Daran and Pascale Th\'evenod-Fosse
Software Error Analysis: A Real Case Study Involving Real Faults and Mutations
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 21(3), May 1996.
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3Pascale Th\'evenod-Fosse and C. Mazuet and Yves Crouzet
On Statistical Testing of Synchronous Data Flow Programs
Proceedings of the First European Dependable Computing Conference (EDDC'94)Berlin, Allemagne, 4-6 Octobre 1994.
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4Pascale Th\'evenod-Fosse and Helene Waeselynck and Yves Crouzet
An Experimental Study on Software Structural Testing: Deterministic versus Random Input Generation
Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing (FTCS'91)Montr\'eal, Canada, 25-27 June 1991.
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