Mutation Testing Author

Name: Martin R. Woodward
Affiliation: University of Liverpool
1Z. A. Al-Khanjari and Martin R. Woodward and Haider Ali Ramadhan and N. S. Kutti
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Errors in Algebraic Specifications and an Experimental Mutation Testing Tool
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OBJTEST: an Experimental Testing Tool for Algebraic Specifications
Proceedings of the IEE Colloquium on Automating Formal Methods for Computer Assisted Prototying, 14 Jan 1990.
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From Weak to Strong, Dead or Alive? an Analysis of Some Mutationtesting Issues
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Software Testing, Verification, and Analysis (TVA'88)Banff Albert, Canada, July 1988.
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8M. R. Girgis and Martin R. Woodward
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